This was the second tour we ran through Living Life On Our Terms, a bunch of 13 crazy people from all around the world in one big mansion making amazing memories!

We hired scooters, Venga Bus, spent a day at an orphanage, went quad biking, lit fireworks, met some new friends, made some amazing memories and really just had a heap of fun!!

I believe, through my experience’s of travelling and talking to travellers, we have found that not only does travelling open your eyes to new culture and new experiences, it opens your eyes to new ways of living, thinking and becoming.

It is our highest value to empower people to travel, to guide them if they need guiding, to push them out of that comfort zone if they need pushing and be there for them when they need us.

We are all about community, so if you are looking to jump on a travel adventure somewhere around the world, pop up a few posts in our group and I am sure you will find someone in there looking to travel with you also.

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Rhys Drake Coaching


Our Travel plans for 2017:

Feb – Fiji

April – Thailand

May – Airlie Beach

June – Port Douglas

June – Hawaii

July – Spain, Croatia and 2 more weeks through Europe

August – Vegas, Miami, Texas and where ever else we can get

September – South America / Cuba area.

October, November and half December – Australia.

New Years – Yet to be decided (Tour will be released)