“You have helped me with Belief in myself, you have helped me with structure, you are helping me learn how to be the role model and leader I want to be” 

  • Are you struggling to achieve the success you want?
  • Do you Procrastinate or self sabotage in your life?
  • Are you stuck in knowing what to do in your life and finding what passion or true gift really is?

I have been the dog before, I have been on that nail, I have had my fair share of ups and downs, that’s for sure!

I am here to tell you that you no longer need to sit on that nail, I knew that if I committed to my own cause I would have everything I wanted in my life. I know you are worthy, you are motivated, and that you are enough! Enough to book your FREE 15 minute LASER coaching call.

If you like hearing stories that may help you think differently about your own situation, sit back, enjoy and let yourself sink into the 3 minute story…

When I finally lifted myself off the nail, I knew that the scars were not fully healed, I knew I still needed to work on myself! I started surrounding myself with more positive and successful people, I started looking for mentors, I started committing myself to learning and growing myself every day! Fast forward a few years, I have now had the privilege to Coach, Mentor, Guide and most importantly cheers people on to achieve their own goals! Click here to listen to some testimonials.

  • Have you ever thought about what makes people happy and successful?
  • Have you ever thought about what it really is that keeps you worrying and up at night?
  • Have you ever thought about how you are showing up for the people you love most?

I knew for me attract the self love, positive emotions,  the money, the freedom into my life I needed to find a mentor to had done that himself! I found one and went to work! Everything was feeling, looking and sounding better!

“Thank you for bringing my airy fairy head back down to earth and simplifying my thoughts….you really have made me think about how the way i was thinking was affecting my ability to have a positive journey and share that” Kassane H.

I was then talking to a friend, who told me of a guy, who had all this positive energy, he was travelling the world, he was living large and had an amazing way of helping people see their own potential and believe in themselves!

I knew this was someone I had to talk to. Lucky for me, I was able to spend more time around him, model his behavior of success and as we all know, you know, it started rubbing off me also.

Just like it would for you also, wouldn’t it?

What can you expect to learn and implement from the 6 week course?

  • Implement strategies to get you success
  • How to gain absolute control of your mind to produce the thoughts , feelings and behaviours you desire.
  • How to remove unwanted habits

If it is okay with you, maybe your are thinking, or feeling if you are not sure, if your mind and body is not something you can invest in. Maybe you are not seeing what I am trying to explain, maybe it is all sounding a bit unclear. That is completely fine as we have not answered the one thing that will allow it to be right for you. Book your LASER Coaching call, risk FREE, and we can see if we are suited to work together. Click Here. 

Next step, if you are still reading this, that means you are ready!

If you are the type or person that is serious about getting results, serious about moving forward, serious about create your ideal life, serious about attracting the perfect partner, we need to work together NOW.

“Meeting Rhys has changed my life for the absolute better. Because of his belief in me I was able to get out of my comfort zone and find myself again” Kellie F.

We can find out a bit more about YOU, you to find out more about me if you like, and US together to see if we are able to work together and move forward in your pursuit. Some of the most common emotions we work on are Fear, Anxiety, Stress, Hurt, Guilt, Sadness or Anger from your life.

Or maybe you want the tools and a mentor that will guide, motivate and encourage you to step into your own calling and create everything in your life you want and need. Click here to book a FREE LASER Coaching Call.

If you have ever heard me speak, or been coached by myself you know i am different to many other coaches. The testimonials on this page are a reflection of that or click here to see more Testimonials.

I deliver as much value, energy, passion and content as I can in an easy to digest way, guaranteed to get you results!

You will walk away with the confidence, certainty and skills to achieve whatever you want in your life along with new skills and tools to create epic results in your own life.

Are you an entrepreneur?

Are you struggling with happiness?

Are you earning the money and rewards that you want in your business?

Have you been feeling stuck for some time now?

We look forward to welcoming you to the supportive family!

Book your LASER Coaching Call NOW! 

If you need to hear from more people we have helped, more lives we have changed, more eyes we have opened, here is a few more testimonials.

“I truly believe your legacy is every life that you touch and you have touched my heart.”

My committment to you is that you will have your own testimonial to share with the world and be the guiding inspiration for your kids, friends and family around you. You deserve it, NOW.

I look forward to working together, book your LASER Coaching Call NOW. 

Realise right now that skill is NOT what makes one person better than the other. People can have more skills than someone in any area of life, however it is rather the ability to MAXIMISE your skills through your PSYCHOLOGY that ultimately determines your success. Success=20% Skill and 80% Psychology!

So if 80% of your success is based on psychology, how do we capitalise on this power?

It is important to know that 95% of your behaviours are controlled by your Unconscious Mind, and only 5% by your Conscious Mind. Therefore, the key to your success lies in your Unconscious Mind. Imagine what you could do with an extra 95%, would that be something worth activating?

The world is a reflection of your consciousness – your wealth and your success in all areas of life is a barometer of your unconscious programming and conditioning. If you are not satisfied with your results in your business or you want to revolutionise them- then its time to find out how you can step up to the big game.

Click the below image to be added to the FREE Coaching group.

Rhys Drake Coaching

After we have gone through your LASER coaching call the next step will be to book a breakthrough program or session in person or online.  

A breakthrough  is about uncovering the real underlying root cause to a problem, removing that from your nervous system and using the power of the unconscious mind to provide you person with life long learnings and resources that provide a permanent lasting change in the way you experience yourself and your world at a new empowered level through the lense of complete transformation!

You will be completely free of your old perceived problem and experience life from a place of total empowerment! Results are guaranteed!

Some examples of problems may be: Depression, Underperformance in business, Relationship troubles, Dealing with a breakup, Alcohol Addiction, Weight loss, Poor Health, Any serious personal issue.

And for 95% of people who are reading this now. That’s right, you have gotten this far for a reason. And that reason is YOU ARE READY.

There is no better time than NOW! 

You just need help. I get it.

I get it enough to offer you a 100% money back guarantee.

What do others have to say? 

You are sitting there, reading this, thinking to yourself……book here.