Gili Trawangan

Well, this is officially the first ever ‘blog’ i have written in regards to my travels….i am a big believer to just let it flow, so you will read how I think and speak….no editing! (I can imagine all those grammar nazi’s blowing up as they read that)

Kinda weird in the sense that I have travelled to over 40 countries, so on that note, if you some how come accross this blog and want to ask me a question on another place in particular, good chance I have been there too, so inspire me to write a blog on that place also 🙂

But before we get into the blog write up, the video tells 1000 words, plus no one likes reading these days…..

So Gili T, short for Gili Trawangan, this is the party island, famous for the beach bars and mushrooms…..yes, the police are pretty much null and void over there and they seem to get away from it. Yes it is illegal, so still keep your wits!

You can expect to pay 100,000 – 150,000 ($10 -$15 AUD) to get a horse and carriage pretty much anywhere around the island whether it is a 5 or 15 min trip. Nothing should be more than 15 mins, it is a small island.

My tip would be to hire a push bike, yes the roads are bumpy but seeing there is no scooters and walking is boring, grab a push bike for 25,000 per 24 hour and have some fun.

There is a pretty cool little place called Andy’s Bar, we had some good times there, you can expect local time drink waits……but that is cool, he is a good chat!! Continue on down that road to your closest coastline for Sunset (when there around April).

There is horse riding on the beach also down this end, I cant remember price but if you hit up Morgan Nelson on the book, he will know. I don’t speak horse….

I encourage you to spend a nice night, with the sand in between your toes, over looking the water, there is a great buffet where you can pick your meat, and then you get buffet etc included, it is near Jungle night club.

There is also a locals market that sells seafood they cook in front of you and heap of other chicken and burritos etc there also, you can expect to have a full meal for about 50,000 there, about half the price of the restaurants.

We jumped on a snorkel adventure day (10-4pm) which cost us 150,000 for the full day, it was actually really good value, gave us the chance to see a heap of fish, coral and stop on Gili Air and Gili Meno.

There is also Happy hours around the place, if your planning a big one, do the ol Vodka in the water bottle and turn them into triples!

Over on Gili there is no Uber, Go Jek, or anything else like that, it comes down to push bike or horse and cart.

I would also encourage a beach side massage, cant get them everywhere so splurge on yourself and make it happen!

You can book an airbnb on the island, if you haven’t yet got an account, use this bad boy (Click Here) and you will get a credit, pretty much a night free on the island!

Also, if you haven’t yet got on the credit card game and got your free flights and 100k points, let me know, basically a flight to the other side of the world and a domestic flight around aus for about $300. Well worth it!!

Anyway, i think you can comment in this post, still learning the tricks, but hopefully this helped!

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