This instantly gives me goose bumps just even starting to talk about this, and that is the industry of personal development. I know it is a word that gets fluffed around a lot and you may even be watching this and not really even know what personal development is and I was just like you.

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But if you haven’t, I could talk about this for hours but I am not going to right now cause this is something we can go through on the phone or you can watch another video.  But if you are having limiting beliefs, if you are getting up in the morning and you are just not motivated, your not jumping out of bed, I know It may sound weird right now, but trust me it does happen.

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“What nail are you sitting on?”

Have you heard the story of the dog❓I know there is a valuable lesson for everyone to learn in this story….You may have already ripped it out, and started healing❓You may not even know it is there❓Or Maybe you just don’t care and will continue walking with a limp until it rust and …..❓I would love to hear from a few people in the comments below about one of the below:1. What was the nail for you❓2. Why did you rip it❓3. What’s the one thing preventing you❓4. What has happened since ripping that nail❓Thank you, I appreciate everyone who has thrown me love around today and helped me rip them nails 🙏Ps. Would love to connect with some video editors. Pps. If there is something you want me to talk about, please let me know 🙌🏼

Posted by Rhys Drake on Thursday, 1 March 2018

If you are not really clear on your values, who you are as a person, why you are on this planet and what message you have got to give people, we need to work on that, but if you are not ready to work on that, that is completely fine.

From my personal experience, being immersed in this personal development world over since 2013, reading countless books and really lowering my barrier and allowing people into my community and heart and what I have got to offer has been a massive game changer for me.

Where I stand now, if I am feeling negative, I can catch that and I can change It.

If I am feeling distressed about something, I can catch that and I can change It.

“Your brain is a super computer and the language you speak is the programming”

How have we helped Rach?

To be able to speak in front of a camera like this, this was not always normal and it still gives me jitters but I do it anyway as It pushes my comfort zone.

So I want to talk to you, if you are wanting to change, if you are wanting to grow into the best version of yourself, if you know you are playing small, or maybe you are just living inside your comfort zone, and you are not having as much fun as you know you should be having, hit me up and lets have a chat.

Or if you are not ready for that, as I know people get nervous, I’m sure there is a video here, on my you tube or something where we can direct you (FREE COACHING GROUP) and then we can have a bit more of a chat of what you could possibly do  or a few books you could read to start stepping into that world and ultimately changing your complete life. A slower option could be to read a few books and go searching for the information you need to find.

Sometimes I like to review life in the way of a train…."If life was like a railway track" If it brings no one value that's cool, but it surely did bring me value as I was telling Anthony Ponsford on the way back….

Posted by Rhys Drake on Sunday, 2 April 2017

This is a topic, very close to my heart and I will also be here to serve! Don’t stress about the money, this if my gift to you! I am happy to work through problems with you, give you my time. The fact knowing I have helped you is more than any dollars you can give!

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