Morgan Nelson

From a burnout out, negative minded carpenter to an absolute legend retired from the 6-4 carpenter lifestyle to chase his true vision!

Morgan has gone on a journey to find his true passion which has turned out to be coaching, supporting, helping people develop their own vision and live his life on purpose!

What I love about Morgan most, is that he understand the struggles of what the typical 20-30 year old would be going though as he was there himself, he had no experience in this industry, but he saw it as a profession and knew if he learnt the skills, he could ultimately live a life where money was no issue!

He is one of my closest mates, greatest mentors and key influences in my business. I highly encourage you to follow him, learn from him and see how we can both help you on your own journey towards your vision!

Ps. This was filmed in 2016, one of the first time he ever walked on stage! Since then he has spoke in front of thousand and inspires people every day!

Follow Morgan on Facebook, he is always talking about Mindset and Travelling the world.

Not only has Morgan allowed himself to walk away from the traditional tradie lifestyle, he also been able to build muscle while keeping lean using our products. He has now coached hundreds to do the same.