Nusa Lembongan

With my mum coming over and visiting for 10 days in Canggu, I wanted to get her away and go do some relaxing! This was not a bad place for it! We spent a total 3 days.

Summary: A place to relax, grab a scooter, cruise around as you cant really get lost or stray too far from home as it is so small! Not the highest on the list of places to go, as i get board quite quick, but if you want to force relax or get bored, this is a good place for you.

Getting here:

I made the trip over from Canggu, we had organised with Marlin fast boats to pick us up from the hotel and take us there, it cost us a total of $40 AUD return and another $10 USD to pick us up from Canggu and take us to Sanur Harbour and then drop us at our hotel on Nusa Lembongan. If you want to save some about $15 AUD, head to Sanur Harbour with Go Car (Go Jek App) and buy a ticket at the harbour, boats leave on the hour basically from 8-11 roughly. But google that, i am not going to get into the finest details.

Where to Stay: 

I am not much for fancy fancy places and would more so rather be in a shared space, little hostel or somewhere that you can meet people and have fun. So on that note, anywhere on Paradise Beach side, otherwise some of the crew got a pretty rad house on Airbnb on Devils Tear side for about $400 AUD a night. Mine was called “The Beach Huts” – Hard beds, nice enough room for the price. About $25 AUD a night for two people.

What to do: 

Grab a scooter for about $7 AUD per day ($5 AUD if more than 5 days) and download Maps.Me app and take a scoot around the island. There is not a whole heap to see. These are the main things:

  • Dream Beach – There is a resort/Restaurant called Dream Beach Huts, go there for lunch, pay the $5 AUD to use the pool and grab some average food but wicked view! Enjoy it for an hour and grab some epic shots!
  • Devil’s Tear – In all honesty, it is okay to go check out, it also gets a pretty rad sunset!
  • Sandy Beach – There is a nice restaurant there, expect $20 AUD a meal and drink.
  • Manta Ray diving – You can either snorkel or Scuba, if you are happy to be with a crew of 10-15 people, you can get it from $15-20 AUD, otherwise you can also hire a private boat for about $100 AUD. You just hold a floaty and watch them go underneath you.
  • Mahagiri Resort – Just walk in and use the pool, do it on the sneaky, nice place to swim and cool off or jump in the ocean. Grab a snack, if you get caught they will ask you to spend $20 AUD to use the pool and lounge chairs. We got away with it for about an hour before they asked.
  • Ceningan Island/Yellow Bridge – You can get to this bridge basically under 10 mins anywhere from the Island, best bet is to go on the scooter, make sure your brakes work! There is quite a few hills! You can do everything on Ceningan in one day easily!
  • Blue Lagoon – Ceningan – Can swim in it, but super blue water to take a happy snap!
  • Secret Beach – Depending on the swell, you will probably not be able to swim, but worth the 5 min trip down the stairs to check it out.
  • Devis Tear and Dream Beach Cliff Jump – I actually didn’t get around to doing these, but if your anything like me, this will be high on your list! Mum wasn’t as keen!

Where to Eat: 

As always, jump on trip advisor and check it out, read the reviews. Your best bet is also to just ask some locals and the place you stay, usually they will point you in the right direction!

  • Oishii Bar and Grill – Awesome Japanese restaurant with good sushi and reasonable prices. Bit tricky to find, but follows signs and ask locals and check Maps.Me
  • Cave something – We did find this place with an epic view on Ceningan. Food was average but the view was amazing! You will be able to google it.
  • B’Fresh Juice Bar – not a bad joint to get your health fix and something light.
  • Local food vans on the side of the road – I always encourage people to try the local food, most of the time you will be pleasantly surprised, if not, you have only probably wasted $3 AUD.

What to look out for: 

  • Be careful on the scooter – Check you have fuel and brakes work and stick to your side of the road.
  • Don’t drink tap water.
  • It is hot, sun block and water.
  • Download Maps.Me app

My Itinerary:

Day 1: Left Canggu about 8am, got to wharf 9am, boat 10am, Island 10am, Hotel 11am, Scooter to Dream Beach Resort for lunch and relax by the pool until 3pm. Then go to Sandy Beach for hour, over to Devils Tear for 5.30 for sunset at 6 and a coconut or Bintang. Then over to Oishii for dinner by 7.30 and home to relax.

Day 2: Breaky shake and Coffee and then back on the scooter by 9am, over to Ceningan to do a road trip around the island, just stopping off at the places noted above. Lunch at the Cave place, stop in check prices for Manta Ray, over to Mahagiri Resort to relax and un wind. Stop in a trip advisor recommendation for lunch. Back to the hotel to relax.

Day 3: Well, I would probably kick back relax, have a massage and get ready to kick it on back home!

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