Reginald MacAnnan

Reg and I met while I was in NZ in Nov 2017, I was offering to help anyone out for Free with my Drone. Something I love doing for people. (If you know anyone need drone footage, put them in contact with me)

Reg and I flew around, got some photos of a building he was working on, grabbed a bite and had a chat. Soon enough the question came up……”So what do you actually do for work?”

From there it spurred some emotions in Reg, he got clear on what he really wanted from life and we got to work! I invited him to come along to an event, which I believe was a hug turning point in his attitude towards life! (I would love to invite you to a similar event if you are open to it)

From there, Reg has been on fire helping as many people as he can with their own Health, Mindset and Financial position!

What I love most about Reg, he is the most down to earth, humble, true version of just an awesome human. He will do just about anything for anyone and that is one quality you want to be around!