What an amazing venture this was!

From Dancing, Marriages, Beach BBQ’s, Castles, Forts, Battle Grounds, Loch’s, Pubs, Whisky Distilleries, Waterfalls, Roadies, Saucy Mary’s, Loch Ness Monster Hunting, Beer Pong, Planting Trees and Cathedrals!

I had a few weeks to kill in between London events and Madrid Events, so i thought why not jump over to Dublin first and then onto Scotland. So here i am typing this out before i go for one last tour/pub crawl with the crew from the tour.

As for what to do, i would simply jump on a tour with Haggis Adventures and let them take you around, if you really want to see the whole of Scotland, it will be tricky by train and public transport. Haggis was great and was great value for money. There is a few extra tips I would give you but basically everything in this video is what you will do on tour.