Why is travel so important to me?

I have learnt some of my most valuable lessons while travelling, the way we interact with people, the world we live in.

I then realised if I really wanted to keep travelling I need to make money online, that’s when I went hunting for a solution. I listened to my mentor and after 2 years I was able to walk away from my full time JOB. I have put together a 7 day FREE program to teach you the skills to do the exact same!

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One of the most memorable experiences I have ever had was when we were in Zimbabwe and we donated 36 boxes or sporting and stationary goods we fundraised here in Australia.

For me to be able to go over there and give these presents to the kids over there was one of the most memorable things I will ever do.

What that gave me was a real realisation of the world we live in today and how caught up we are with our flashy mobile phones, watches and credit cards (some give you free flights though, like this one) etc, now I am not saying I don’t like those things but I have an appreciation for where I have come to and where these kids are living right now.

So I want to do a lot more in charity, a lot more in giving back, I want to go back over there.

So travelling, it gives you an appreciation for what we have, so if you are the type of person that is sitting with your phone or computer watching this you are already in the top % of worlds wealth.

And sometimes, you even get your PASSPORT STOLEN, but even that can be fun and amazing adventure…..

Just understand that you are in a great position and with your generosity, your hard work and your ethics you quite possibly could change 100’s and 100’s lives.

We do have a travel blog (CLICK HERE), where we share tips and adventures we have taken the team on.


Anyway, I am 27 years old, travelled 15 countries last year and have travelled to over 40 countries in the last 3/4 years so I do live a very adventurous  life to constantly push my comfort zone and experience new cultures.

I hope that if travel is of interest to you, maybe we can link up and you come on one of our next expeditions, whether it be in Zimbabwe or whether it just be at party house  in Bali and just have fun with the boys and just let fireworks off the roof and just do whatever we want to do.


We all have different values, I hope that you can find it in your heart to be of generosity to some type of charity or foundation that you are interested in that’s who we would really love to connect with and allow that to open your mind and allow you to open your mind as to what travel can really do for you.

I will never stop travelling and inspiring others to travel! Lets chat! 

Is it bad to just want to travel your whole life?

As you can imagine, we are passionate about travelling and creating amazing memories for so many people!

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As you may have seen on social media, I am big fan of accumulating points with credit cards, I am no way a financial advisor and encourage you to obtain your own financial advice, although this is what i use and has allowed me to travel quite a bit for free.
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