Through out the last few years I have been inspiring, motivating and helping people get clear on their vision and values.

I seem to have built up an addiction to FB LIVE videos. These are intended to stir a few emotions, provoke a few thoughts and hopefully give you some clarity on where you are at right now and how you ended up here.

“Have you heard the story of the dog?”

Have you heard the story of the dog❓I know there is a valuable lesson for everyone to learn in this story….You may have already ripped it out, and started healing❓You may not even know it is there❓Or Maybe you just don’t care and will continue walking with a limp until it rust and …..❓I would love to hear from a few people in the comments below about one of the below:1. What was the nail for you❓2. Why did you rip it❓3. What’s the one thing preventing you❓4. What has happened since ripping that nail❓Thank you, I appreciate everyone who has thrown me love around today and helped me rip them nails 🙏Ps. Would love to connect with some video editors. Pps. If there is something you want me to talk about, please let me know 🙌🏼

Posted by Rhys Drake on Thursday, 1 March 2018


“After a pretty heated convo with a friend, I felt the need to jump down, shoot some content and give you guys a little teaser”

Why are you doing it⁉️ 💁‍♂️After a pretty heated convo with a friend, i felt the need to jump down, shoot some content and give you guys a little teaser…..👏I know a lot of people on here know how I help to a certain extent, but I guarantee you that you don't know the full story!What are you going to do this week to work towards your end goal? The rest of this video will be released on the website and my you tube channel….Ps. Instagram got a raping today! Heaps of Property stuff dropped also! Details at the end….

Posted by Rhys Drake on Sunday, 25 February 2018


“In that split second, you have two choices” “Is university really the right choice?”

Finding gratitude in every situation, even if you are hungover or get a speeding ticket.

How to fill up your own cup more on a Monday morning without changing up too much…..
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