I am not going to sprinkle fairy dust and say I am a multi millionaire as I am not.

I sit here as a 27 year old who has been involved in franchising, small business, shares, multi million dollar property folio, and a residual income generating over $100,000 per year whether I am working or travelling. My background, i bought my first property at 18, second 19, third property 21 and have grown a multi million dollar property portfolio since.

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Once you have added yourself to the free group, check out my you tube and scroll to the bottom to check out some more Property Investing ideas. But remember, property investing is not the only way to obtain wealth.

Where did that all start?

I just didn’t want to be confined, i didn’t want to work the rest of my life, the 40 / 40 / 40 rule, working 40 hours, for 40 years and retiring on $40,000 per year at the age of 60 was congruent with me I wanted to have fun!

So I made that happen, and now I am sharing how I done that through my online 6 week course, you will learn how to earn more money, but also develop your mindset to allow that money into you life. Click the Image below.

Rhys Drake Coaching

Originally, i thought my wealth was going to come through property, (FREE COACHING GROUP) and it has but it hasn’t been my sole focus. Franchising was an opportunity, but that didn’t really work out, Small business, that really didn’t work out, my share portfolio, it done okay, it made me $5,000-$10,000 but wasn’t going to let me live the life I wanted.

So after getting clear that i do have value to offer i started this group as people were always asking me:
– How do I buy Property?
– Where do I start? 
– What do I need to look out for?
– How much deposit do I need?
– Which bank is best?
– What area is best to buy?
– What is better, a house or a unit?

And to be honest, I didn’t have the time to get back to everyone back when I was working a JOB.

Now times have changed, I have a bit more free time……

The last income producing asset is what has allowed me to fire my boss, travel to 15 countries in 2017 while still making money even when I am not working. That is the power of Residual income, (see the video below) where you could go and do the work and keep getting paid for the rest of your life.

Now I sit here as I film this video with about 30 of my team at an event learning how they can do this also. Every person I coach comes from a different background, stay at home mums, tradies, proffesionals (Watch the video to the right) but all with the common purpose to really live the life we want to.

So how does it all work?

This is where I want to talk to you, i can’t really explain everything to you right and chances are you are not going to listen to it all. Book yourself a time to jump on the phone, or if you are really not comfortable with that, get in contact with me and I can send you a few videos and you can see if this really is for you or not. #2018MoneyMindset

This below video is the most recent, Morgan (Click the link) interviewed me as to why I decided NWM was the ,ain vehicle for me. (Looks Weird, but once you click it, it is fine)

Why did I decide to commit to growing a 6 figure online business…..? Why do I believe every person should be making money online? What happens to the people that don't……?To hear a bit more of my story, google 'Rhys Drake'

Posted by Rhys Drake on Thursday, 5 April 2018

I will leave you with this, if you could be dong anything in the world where time and money were of no consequence, what exactly would you be doing? And why are you not doing that? If you could allow you and help you to really make that happen, would you be open to at least clicking some buttons and contact me and we can see if this is really for you or not.



While we were over in Perth in the start of 2018, we held an event for a few of our team, now I know Jackson gets fired up when we talk about Residual Income and what it can create.
If you don’t know much about it and how it can benefit you, take a listen.

How I saved my dad $50,740 on his home loan…..

Aaron is someone I have been working very closely with in coaching and also property, lets see what Aaron has to say.

Online business, making money and investing in Property.

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