Your Team

Please understand, you are not in this alone. We have all been in the exact same position you are right now and that is the fear of “Is this for me”, “I am not that type of person”, “I am not like Rhys”, “I have no experience”, “I got no idea where to start”, or “What if I fail?”

This is all completely normal, and to be honest, I also had those thoughts, so did all the other people in these videos.

Although, we all had one thing in common, and that was we were just not content in living an average life where money was a struggle, where time was limited, where we were controlled by a boss and were wasting our life away trading our time for money.

Here are a few video testimonials from the team and also a bit more about them, so you can understand that we are all in this together and you know who you have on your support team!

We have now grown to a team of over 4500 people in a few years! I guarantee you will not fall short of support, encouragement or guidance!

Here is a few of the team! (Click the name you relate to)

Morgan – Born 1993, Ex-Carpenter, Loves to Travel and Have FUN!

Cherne – Mum of 2, Ex-Health Professional, loves empowering women!

Reginald – Legend from Africa, raised in London and relocated to NZ, full of passion!

Rach – Mum of 2, loves helping other mums find their passion, purpose and confidence!